Alps Mountaineering Chaos 3-Person Tent RSBYXTJMY

Alps Mountaineering Chaos 3-Person Tent RSBYXTJMY

Alps Mountaineering Chaos 3-Person Tent RSBYXTJMY

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Fabric analysis: Polyester fabric is designed to prevent liquid water, and it is resistant to wind and cold!Pu waterproof layer, blocking rain and snow dew, waterproof finger, the number is measured up to 5000mm, anti-storm Textile layer is used to isolate and interact with external evils and inferior environmentsThe top cross is tied to the rope to make the tent body more stable. Lanyard on the top skylightThe hook design in the account can hang other small items such as lamps to save space. Double door design, inner door mesh, outer door net. High-density mesh, insect-resistant, breathable. Pull the outer door and enjoy the private space

Applicable number: 1-2 people

Color: gray deep blue sky blue red

Foreign account material: 190T polyester yarn + mesh

Waterproof index 1000-2000mm

Bottom material: super wear-resistant waterproof PE bottom

Waterproof index 2000-3000mm

Pole: fiberglass

Size: 190 × 120 × 100cm (length * width height)

Packing: 12×56cm

Accessories: ground nails, outer bags, instructions

Net weight: 161Kg

◎ There is a storage net pocket in the account, which can be placed and various personal belongings.

◎The bottom line is spliced at the bottom of the line, and the two lines are routed to prevent water seepage.

◎Professional metal nails, insert them into the land when using, and stabilize the buckle.

◎The frame and the buckle link, put the nails on the buckle in the ring of the frame to prop up the pole

◎ Unique top design, breathable and shaded. Wear rod design with a tear resistant fabric.

Alps Mountaineering Chaos 3-Person Tent RSBYXTJMY

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